The Artemis Association is quite active and social! We often organize numerous activities in order to bring people together, socialize, and welcome new members. Our aim is to provide opportunities to meet, mingle and have fun.


should you need pamphlets or additional material you can download Histiocytic Disorders fact sheets here or contact us and we will have it mailed to your address.

Our contact details are +30 2104520453 or via email at We are happy to send you any material you may need.

Histiocytic Disorders

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Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH)

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The Artemis Association Journal

In an effort to keep our members informed about our activities and news, the Artemis Association publishes a journal every year.

Follow the medical and social news of our Association and our members here.


Awareness month

You are not alone! Histiocytic Disorders may be rare but they concern a large amount of people. November marks the month of awareness and we can all use this opportunity to spread the word and inform people about the illness. Here’s how you can help!

On social media: you can change your profile picture by uploading the picture with the awareness ribbon found here and use the hashtags #histioawareness and #histioartemis.

On everyday activities: speak about the Hystiocytic Disorders as much as possible. For instance, does your general practitioner know about the illness? Impressively, a large amount of doctors are not aware of histiocytosis simply because it is so rare that it is statistically improbable that he or she has met a patient with the particular disease. The more people know about it, the better.