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Greetings from the chairman

Welcome to the Artemis Association for Histiocytic Disorders!

When my son Nikolas was first diagnosed with Histiocytosis, I felt alone, afraid of this extremely “uncommon” and “unknown” disease and of everything that awaited me. Back then, data was scarce and unavailable to the public. However, as any parent who has faced a child’s illness will testify, access to information and to a support system is absolutely crucial. Knowing that you are not alone and understanding what you are facing prepares you to better resolve future disease-related situations. Hence, I decided to inaugurate an association dedicated to providing both encouragement and information to other parents.

The Artemis Association was founded in 1994. Its name is a tribute to young Artemis, a girl afflicted with Histiocytosis who passed when she was only 18 months old. The scope of the Association is to provide the public – patients, friends, family members, and medical practitioners – with advice and support.

Moreover, the Artemis Association is an active contributor to scientific research targeted towards finding a reasonable cure. Since its formation, our Association has been financing not only the Nikolas Symposium – an annual international scientific think tank – but also numerous research programs around the world which focus on Histiocytic Disorders. We constantly strive to inform public opinion and the Greek Ministry of Health in order to re-categorize the particular Disorders and exclude them from the “extremely rare” classification which does not merit sufficient public research funding. Above all, the Artemis Association stays true to its core value upon which it was built – to provide education and moral support to patients and their families.

Thank you!

The Artemis Association

The Artemis Association is a community of people interested in or affected by Histiocytic Disorders. Parents, patients, friends and doctors unite under the auspices of the foundation in order to discuss and share their experiences.

The Association seeks to provide information, comfort, and support to anyone in need. You are not alone, get in touch with us!


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Our board

We are a team that supports those who have been afflicted by Hystiocytic Disorders; patients, friends and family. Our board is:

Apostolos Kontoyannis


Eftichia Baxevanidis


Dora Moustaka


Ilias Baxevanidis


Kiriaki Diamandi


Our sponsors

We are very grateful to our sponsors who have made the Artemis Association possible. Thank you for your contributions, for keeping the Association alive, and supporting such an important task.